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In Asset Protection, Entity Selection, Products Liability on November 15, 2012 at 5:06 pm

5) Your product might injure or kill someone.

This is a real consideration for most small businesses who do not properly protect themselves by using legal entities to limit their liabilities in the case where their product injurs or fatally wounds a customer. Product liability is a rampant area of law, and often something simple as protecting the assets of the patent holder or using a corporate entity to shield the patent holder from lawsuits stemming from the dangerous application of a product can force the inventor into bankruptcy and in some cases, it can subject the inventor to defend in a criminal prosecution.

There is obviously much to consider when your patent is issued, and there are many ways you can benefit from your patented invention. Receiving your patent opens up new gates of opportunity for you which can not only make you a millionaire, but can enable you to contribute to the advancement of society as it learns to embrace and benefit from your idea.

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