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In Patent Infringement, Patent Licensing, Patent Litigation on November 17, 2012 at 4:01 am

2) Companies to whom you show the idea might steal it from you.

It was a very smart idea to apply for a patent, but companies know that patent litigation is staggeringly expensive. Too often, a company will copy a product that was shown to them and when confronted by the inventor, they will say, “come sue us.”

Our goal is to partner with law firms who are able to make litigation affordable and to keep costs low. When a company is aware that the patent holder is able and willing to sue, they are taken seriously. Whether this means that the inventor will sue to recoup the profits that have been lost, or whether this means that the company will agree to pay the patent holder a licensing fee to compensate the inventor for their loss, we can be of assistance. And, when a company acts in bad faith, when necessary, we can punish them through the mechanisms of triple damages (“treble damages”) which the law provides to a patent owner when infringement is willful.

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