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About Us

My name is Robert Z. Cashman, and I am the owner of Patent Prophet.  In this page I will be detailing why I believe that I can be of assistance to you, and the experiences that I have had to contribute to the success of your product.

As you no doubt know, I am an attorney and I run a successful law practice at the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC.  Our firm focuses on preventing harmful litigation by those who artfully use the legal system as a weapon.  While our clients are the little guys accused of copyright litigation, our purpose in the firm is to stop the abusive litigation and the extortion that takes place when plaintiff lawyers contact defendants directly and abuse their power.

Now the reason I keep mentioning my law firm and that I am a lawyer is because I want to make it very clear that there are ethical implications of a lawyer transacting business deals with customers, and the law believes that a lawyer has an upper hand in negotiations.  For this reason, ethics properly requires us to disclose our interests and what we are looking for in order to allow our partners in business to protect themselves against our knowledge of the law.

Patent Prophet is our business venture, and it is a consulting firm which is separate and apart from our law firm.  Now obviously since I am a lawyer and I understand the power of legal tools, there are mechanisms that I suggest as options to my clients, some of which are legal services such as employing an attorney to negotiate and draft the terms of a license, to draft a sales agreement, and to draft contracts to be used in the placement of products in big box stores such as Wal*Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Home Depot, among others.  Also, when there is patent infringement (e.g., someone else making, using, or selling your product or a competing product without your permission), it is often important to file a patent infringement lawsuit.

While my law firm is fully capable and willing to be of assistance to these ends (and because it is my firm and I am interested in the outcome, I am willing to waive legal fees and in many cases work pro bono (“free”) to achieve our stated goals), because I always want you to retain your freedom of choice, I am also fully comfortable having you obtain your own law firm to handle any transaction.  The law firm I run and the business are wholly separate entities, and I will keep them that way to enhance your understanding that I am here to see your product succeed.

Moving forward, I will detail my experiences — even those from before I was an attorney — so that you can understand why I believe I can be of assistance to you and your venture.

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